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Project Management


When pre-construction is coming to an end and all (or most) of the project specifications have been finalized, JSV is ready to continue the process through execution. This is the exciting part, construction.

Although creativity through design and specifications have set the wheels in motion, the technical process of build-out requires tight control to stay on budget, on schedule and on par with or above performance standards. As a small general contractor with big experience, JSV can offer structured and streamlined management while maintaining flexibility and quick response times to a project’s challenges and changes. Our clients recognize the personal interest, attention and investment we maintain throughout the life of the project to keep the construction process on track.

JSV offers every service to see your project through completion, and then some:

JSV is a licensed Class A general contractor able to pull building permits in the District of Columbia region. We also maintain relationships with permit expediters if fast track processing is required. Our subcontractors will pull their respective trade permits under the building master.
JSV maintains an extensive network of licensed, insured and proven subcontractors to complete every facet of your project. Our clients may also request subcontractors they have worked with in the past to be included in the bidding process, or if already hired by the owner, to be incorporated into our project schedule.
The meat and potatoes of project management is the coordination and communication among and between clients, designers, subcontractors, vendors and all other project-related parties. JSV will take complete control of the construction process, continually informing and responding to our clients but relieving them of the stress of the undertaking and allowing them to focus on their business as usual.
JSV provides qualified site supervision for all projects. Often this will be a project manager, or even our owner, Frank himself, as this may be the most efficient away to manage. In every circumstance we cater our staffing to the demands of each project.
The actual construction phase will breed changes. Some will be initiated by choice, others by necessity. In both cases, JSV will respond quickly but carefully to present solutions that can best be incorporated into the project’s budget, design and timeline.
Contracts, submittals, directives, plan copies, RFIs, faxes, billing, schedules, emails, etc . . . somebody’s got to do it.
JSV maintains a vested interest in every project we put our name on. We offer warranty and maintenance services through strategic partners and are always available to answer the questions or concerns of our clients. As we receive new business on referrals alone, our quality of work and dedication to clients is the only way to ensure future success.