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Pre-Construction Services


JSV considers pre-construction the most important phase of development, as detailed and comprehensive planning ensures for accurate estimating, thorough preparation for the construction process, and fewer instances of avoidable contingencies. We cannot stress enough that critical planning is directly correlated to success in build-out.

The primary advantage in having the general contractor involved in the early stages of project planning/design is to establish a definitive understanding of the approach and coordination of all the members of the project team in order to meet the client’s objectives. As part of the planning stage, JSV and its affiliates can offer expertise and consultation in the following areas:

Let us work with you to align design, function and aesthetics with strict attention to your priorities and budget.
There are many codes and jurisdictions governing a construction project; consider zoning, environmental, building, fire, ADA and health departments to name a few. These regulations set the initial boundaries for design, and they change by locality and through time. JSV can review the applicable parameters to your project and ensure design is starting and continuing on a code compliant track.
Often, the technical or engineering requirements of a project impose restraints on the aesthetic, and also the budget. JSV will uncover all possible options in function and cost to best align with the overall intent of the project.
When imagining a project from conception, be it a sunroom addition or Italian restaurant, most of us picture the finished product. JSV will explore the different paths to get there. The methods and materials can change drastically, and there are always decisions to be made, as well as compromises, in the areas of function, style and cost. Let us work with you on the optional and optimal ways to achieve your vision.
We define this as “smart design, budget appropriate.” There are always opportunities to substitute products, materials and systems to reduce cost. We will help you explore these options to the extent they do not compromise the function or design intent of the project.
Whether the reason be a lease agreement, target grand opening, relocation or well, “just get it done ASAP,” JSV will not only set realistic goals and expectations for project scheduling, but we will also help with storage, moving and delivery logistics to make the construction process as organized and convenient for our clients as possible.