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A Design/Build contract allows JSV to coordinate activities from the very inception, from civil and/or architectural design through the final construction phases. This level of service is ideal for clients without pre-determined design professionals, and ideal in general as it simplifies the coordination process for both the client and contractor. Some of the other advantages include:

When a general contractor, architect and engineers work together from the start under one directive, less time is wasted on redesign due to miscommunication or misunderstandings. As design professionals typically bill hourly for extra work, those seemingly simple changes add up. With a design/build firm managing the process, communication, clarity and efficiency in the design phase is enhanced.
Design/Build contracts give clients a better understanding of the total cost of the project. The budget is all-inclusive to match a complete project scope. Clients are not tasked with piecing together estimates from different entities.
Under one contract, a Design/Build firm guarantees a complete turnkey operation with no opportunity or excuse for service omissions. Typically the client’s only responsibilities are communication with the party under contract and, well, paying for services rendered.
Managing construction relationships, contracts, activities, etc. is often times both technical and time-consuming. Often a client even becomes a mediator between two parties working towards the same goal. A Design/Build firm relieves some of this stress to clients by providing one point of contact across multiple disciplines.
With design professionals and project managers under one roof, communication and coordination is simply faster. As soon as any one element is solidified, the management team can begin planning, pricing and even procurement, rather than waiting for the final design. Some construction phases can even begin before the design is complete, something most general contractors are hesitant to do outside of in-house design.